Coding & Billing Provider Credentialing & Enrollment Consulting & Training

Our Speciality is Coding & Billing

Shared Response handles the tasks of data entry, coding, insurance billing, and follow-up, which allows providers to reduce overhead costs and focus on patient care. Since we specialize in coding and billing, Shared Response is able to process claims faster and more efficiently than in-house staff, which translates to increased revenue.

We provide our clients with extensive financial reports which include detailed accounts receivable aging by patient and insurance carrier, monthly productivity reporting, insurance receipts reporting, monthly/year to date system summary of charges, receipts and adjustments to the accounts receivable, and monthly ALS/BLS splits reports to track Medicare bundle billing as necessary.

Why Choose Shared Response for your Coding & Billing?

Our goal for each new client is to increase cash flow by 25% or more over prior billing systems. We have helped providers increase cash flow by recovering up to an additional 40% of billed revenue. Shared Response maintains a collection rate that consistently exceeds 90%.

Shared Response bills in compliance with applicable statutes, regulations, and insurance requirements. We ensure that all claims received have proper documentation prior to billing.

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Provider Credentialing and Enrollment

Shared Response assists in completing all third-party insurance paperwork for proper provider numbers and re-enrollment credentialing.

Consulting & Training

Shared Response offers consulting services related to medical coding and billing, reimbursement, compliance issues, and overall business decisions. We provide our clients with educational information concerning applicable statutes, regulations, and payor requirements.

Shared Response Health Systems, LLC is committed to the success of your practice, which is why we offer consulting services, training, and educational resources related to medical coding and billing, reimbursement, compliance, and overall business decisions.