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How Shared Response Started

Shared Response Health Systems, LLC provides revenue cycle management, medical coding and billing services, consulting, training and educational services, provider credentialing, and Medicaid/Medicare enrollment to medical professionals, including volunteer and municipal EMS agencies. Shared Response Health Systems has been continuously operating since its founding in 1991 by Sandra Castlevetro under the name Shared Response Services. The name was changed in 1997 when the headquarters moved to Killingworth, Connecticut.

Continued Service Expansion

Since its inception, Shared Response has grown and expanded its services, while staying true to its original vision of streamlining the billing process and offering a comprehensive and individualized service to medical providers. We take pride in our communication, responsiveness, and providing the highest quality of services.

Why Choose Shared Response?

Our mission is to provide superior medical coding and billing services and increase your revenue while maintaining high ethical and compliance standards.

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Dollars Billed

Superior medical coding and billing services increase your revenue.

Coding &

We handle the tasks of data entry, coding, insurance billing, and follow-up.

Provider &

Assisting in completing all third-party insurance paperwork is our specialty.

Consulting &

Consulting related to medical coding and billing, compliance issues, reimbursement and overall business decisions.