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Shared Response Health Systems, LLC provides medical coding, billing, and consulting services to medical providers throughout Connecticut.

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Providing medical coding & billing services since 1991.

Since our founding we have remained dedicated to delivering superior customer service to Connecticut medical providers and ensuring that our clients remain focused on patient care.

Superior medical coding and billing services increase your revenue.

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We handle the tasks of data entry, coding, insurance billing, and follow-up.


Assisting in completing all third-party insurance paperwork is our specialty.

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Consulting related to medical coding and billing, compliance issues, reimbursement and overall business decisions.

Why Choose Shared Response?

Our mission is to provide superior medical coding and billing services and increase your revenue while maintaining high ethical and compliance standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Proper billing is an essential part of any medical practice. However, office staff in your practice wear many hats, and maintaining fee schedules, coding, insurance requirements, and billing understandably take a back seat to the immediate needs of providing patient care. At Shared Response, we stay current on the various billing requirements and are proficient in coding for optimal reimbursement. Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance plans have many different guidelines and requirements in order for the provider to be reimbursed timely and sufficiently. At Shared Response, billing is processed daily and we follow through to ensure that you receive the maximum allowable rates from the carriers.

We have various data import capabilities including e-mail, facsimile, and EMS data collection through a variety of ePCR programs for our Ambulance and Paramedic clients.

Shared Response has a full-time customer service staff located in Connecticut answering telephone inquiries from patients in real time account servicing. Our staff communicates with you in the event additional information is requested on behalf of your patients.

Payments are processed through Shared Response. However, insurance and patient payments may continue to be forwarded directly to your office for deposit, if preferred. A copy of each payment remittance, or rejection, received by your office would be forwarded directly to our payment processing staff for proper crediting or research.

Shared Response charges a percentage fee based upon a total of payments received. This means we only get paid on claims if you do.

Shared Response generates monthly financial reports in aging categories from 1-30, 31-60, 61-90 (and above) to detail what is due your office. These are run by both patient and insurance due accounts receivable. Most reports may be forwarded to your office at your request any time.

Please call or e-mail us! We will need to know the provider specialty, weekly patient volume or transports per month, and number of office locations.

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Shared Response Health Systems is a third-party medical billing company proudly serving EMS providers throughout Connecticut. See what we can do for you – call today!

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